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">I Borned the 13 march 1966 and I am married with Elena Vykhodtseva. My pictures don't come from reality but from my idea, and for this many particulars aren't care for to give to look their many espace to fantasy. My pictures are signed with " MM" and in the different position no traditional.The tecniques are different,I prefer the table for the different and particular size and to paint in distemper because symple dessication, it is very important for who must to realize the immagine from the mind and no from reality.The first caratteristique are the colors and the tecnical for to blend their.
: massimomazza@maxgallery.net
My works are subdivise:

- Table and distemper

- Relief up table and distemper

- Canvas and oil

- Canvas and distemper

- Table and oil

- Canvas-card and distemper

- Canvas-card and oil

- Water-colours or charcoal

- Various

- Mystic

- The artist's thinks and all pictures

- Free thinks of this artist

- The wife

- The news

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